Y-Fi Laser Series - Ultrafast Fiber Lasers

The unique Y-Fi laser series is a family of high average power and also high repetition rate near-IR ultrafast fiber lasers. Y-Fi products are based on a single rugged opto-mechanical platform and are also engineered for hands-free operation.

The Y-Fi system employs a patented all normal dispersion (ANDi) mode-locked fiber laser coupled with a fiber amplifier. Also this configuration offers numerous unique advantages, including:

• Bandwidth supporting sub-100 fs pulses
• High output energy from oscillator requires less amplification for shorter, low temporal pedestal pulses
• Robust long-term operation

The short, clean pulses of the Y-Fi laser series deliver more peak intensity per mJ than competing products. KMLabs guarantees both pulse duration and pedestal energy content, verified with a FROG pulse measurement, to ensure each laser pulse is free of picosecond background that robs energy from the main short pulse. Thus, more of the laser output is truly usable, requiring less energy/average power and decreasing the probability of seeing collateral damage and other detrimental interactions.

In addition, these lasers are ideal for applications such as micromachining of metals, glass, and tissues as well as multiphoton microscopy, chemical spectroscopy, OPA pumping and more.

Y-Fi Laser Series are available in 4 configurations:

  • Parameter
    Pulse Width <150 fs
    (<120 fs typical)
    <170fs <190fs Bandwidth Supporting <50fs
    Center Wavelength  1035nm ± 5nm  1035nm ± 5nm  1035nm ± 5nm  1350 - 1800nm,
    2400- 4500nm
    Beam Quality (M²)  <1.2  <1.2  <1.2
    measurement taken on SHG
    Average Power  >4.5W @ 10MHz  >20W @ 10MHz  >50W @ 10MHz  >0.4W @ 1MHz,  >0.1W @ 1MHz
    Pulse Energy  >0.45uJ @ 10MHz  >3uJ @ 1MHz  >40uJ @ 500kHz  >0.4uJ @ 1MHz,  >0.1uJ @ 1MHz
    Peak Power  >3MW, calculated by FROG  >10MW, calculated by FROG >80MW, calculated by FROG  >3MW Supported  >1MW supported
    Repetition Rate 0.5 - 15, 60MHz  0.5 - 15, 60MHz 0.5 - 15, 60MHz 1-2MHz











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