Attosecond laser pulse pairs - Quintillionth of a second

    When Light Flashes for a Quintillionth of a Second, Things Get Weird

    New experiments allow researchers to watch attosecond laser pulse pairs up close, allowing for a better understanding and control over these ultrashort pulse pairs. This interesting breakthrough could lead to some amazing advancements in spectroscopy, microelectronic manufacturing, medical equipment and surgeries, and who knows what else... This article explains this new development and discusses the potential future benefits.

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    Homogenized Laser Diodes for Raman - Lower Cost Than DFB / DBR



    This homogenized laser diode is a cost effective replacement for expensive DFB, DBR, fiber, and external cavity lasers:

          •  Lower cost & smaller footprint
          •  Output beam homogenization & shaping
          •  High-power, narrow linewidth, high signal to noise ratio
          •  638nm / 680nm / 785nm / 830nm / 1064nm wavelength options
          •  Ideal, stabilized source for Raman Spectroscopy

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    DPSS Lasers for LIDAR: Rugged, Compact, High Pulse Energy, Low-Jitter 

    Are you looking for a rugged, actively Q-switched, low-jitter DPSS laser source for your LIDAR application?
    This article discusses:
          •  A brief background and overview of Time-of-Flight (ToF) LIDAR
          •  Challenges inherent to LIDAR applications & technical solutions
          •  A high-quality laser solution, perfect for LIDAR applications

    SLM Laser Modules: Holography, Quantum Technology & Interferometry



    • High-power 532 & 640nm lasers with long coherence length, single frequency, and excellent power & wavelength stability

    Quantum Technology:

    •  High-power 780.24nm for Rubidium & 698.4nm for Strontium - narrow linewidth and excellent power & wavelength stability


    •  349, 532, 640, and 1064nm lasers with high beam pointing and wavelength stability, long coherence length & narrow linewidth


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