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New App Note Understanding Laser Diode Lifetime

Building upon the success of our widely popular whitepaper titled “How to Improve Laser Diode Lifetime! Advice and Precautions on Mounting,” we at RPMC Lasers, have decided to expand on this topic offering a brand-new application note titled “Understanding Laser Diode Lifetime.”  Since the original white paper was focused primarily on proper methods for handling and heatsinking diode lasers, we have decided to fill in the gaps by taking a look at the electrical, electro-mechanical, environmental, and optical consideration which can also lead to improving diode lifetime.  To accomplish this, the application note is divided into three different sections where we will look at the die-bonding process, issues related to the front facet of the diode, and lastly the effects of drive current on diode lifetime. 

Click below to read the full application note and be sure to check back for regular updates to our new application notes page. 


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