RPMC Lasers is now offering the Y-Fi series of industrial

The Y-Fi™ laser series is a family of high average power, high repetition rate near-IR <200fs fiber lasers. Y-Fi™ products are based on a single rugged optomechanical platform and are engineered for hands-free operation.

Y-Fi™ Characteristics:

The Y-Fi system employs a patented all normal dispersion (ANDi) mode-locked fiber oscillator coupled with a fiber amplifier. This configuration offers numerous unique advantages including:

* Bandwidth Supporting sub-100 fs pulses
* High output energy from oscillator requires less amplification, resulting in shorter, low temporal pedestal pulses
* Robust long-term operation.

These lasers are ideal for applications such as micromachining of metals, glass, and tissues as well as multiphoton microscopy, chemical spectroscopy, OPA pumping and more.

The Y-Fi™ series is available in 4 configurations: The Y-Fi™, Y-Fi™ HP, Y-Fi™ HP Ultra and Y-Fi™-OPA.

For materials processing applications, we also offer in house applications lab services.


Please contact RPMC for more details and to discuss your specific application requirements.

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