Quantas series, compact, mJ nanosecond lasers down to 211nm


The Quantas series, from Quantum Light Instruments, Ltd. (QLI), employs MOPA (Master Oscillator/Power Amplifier) architecture in order to produce high pulse energies while maintaining low divergence output. Typical applications are Light Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Light Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy (LIF), laser ablation and remote sensing. Less than 8 ns pulse duration allows efficient fundamental wavelength conversion to higher harmonics with shortest wavelength available of 211 nm. Wavelength extensions into infrared range are available by request. The Quantas series is a forced air-cooled laser.  If required, laser pulsing can be externally triggered from delay generator, allowing operation in single-shot or variable pulse repetition modes. Laser controller has ethernet interface for convenient monitoring and control from personal computer.

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