4mm COS

    Sheaumann Lasers' NEW High-Power, Single Mode Laser Diodes

    Sheaumann Laser Inc. has announced a series of high-power, single-mode laser diodes in 3, 4, and 6 mm cavity lengths available in the chip on submount package.

    The C6 model provides up to 650mW average output power at 1064 nm.

     The 980 nm C3 and 785 nm C4 models reach an average of 500 mW and 450 mW, respectively. The 3 mm and 4 mm diodes are also available on Sheaumann’s  nonplanar C-Mount and CL-Mount submounts. Sheaumann employed a new growth structure capable of producing reliable, high-power single mode lasers, which can be bonded to compact and versatile submounts. Longer chip lengths allow significantly higher power levels across all wavelengths for single mode use. 

    Applications include use in spectroscopy and LIDAR systems, as well as enabling unique pumping applications.

    For detailed technical questions on the new series of high-power, single mode laser diodes click here and for additional information on all products from Sheaumann click here.  As always you can talk to one of our laser experts today by calling 1-636-272-7227 or clicking here.


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