RPMC Lasers announces exclusive North American distribution agreement for UniKLasers


    RPMC is pleased to announce they are the new North American distributor for UniKLasers Ltd, UK. UniKLasers manufactures a wide range of high performance Continuous Wave (CW) Single Frequency DPSS lasers from deep UV to NIR. All UniKLasers products have excellent output beam parameters and performance characteristics including mode hop & lock loss free with built-in thermo-electric cooling.


    CW Single Frequency Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers featuring a single engineering platform based on the proprietary patented BRaMMS technology.


    BRaMMS stands for Bragg Range Michelson Mode Selection. Due to BRaMMS technology, all their CW solid state lasers have the following parameters:

    • Linewidth <0.5 MHz
    • Coherence length >100 m
    • Beam quality M2<1.05
    • Beam pointing stability <5 µrad/°C
    • Power stability 2 %, ±5 °C, 4 hours
    • Noise 0.1 % rms, 10 Hz-10 MHz


    UniKLasers technology utilizes the spectrum discriminatory feature of a Michelson interferometer setup within a spectral range preselected by Volume Bragg Grating (VBG).  This suppresses all but one lasing longitudinal mode within a laser cavity. Due to significantly lower power consumption for any required output and the resulting simplified thermal management, the BRaMMS laser technology provides up to 10 times wider range of output power scalability from the smallest footprint. This proprietary patented technology opens up applications within portable and remotely controlled systems and devices, which were never before considered feasible.


    Applications include Holography, Raman, Interferometry, Brillouin Scattering, LIDAR, Optical Manipulation, Quantum Technology, and others requiring true single frequency operation.


    About RPMC: RPMC Lasers Inc (since 1996) is the leading laser distributor in North America.   We are an OEM supplier working with the top manufacturers in the Industrial, Medical, Military and Scientific markets.  RPMC offers laser diodes and solid-state lasers from technology leading manufacturers from the US, and Europe. RPMC offers diode lasers, laser modules, solid-state lasers and amplifiers, ultra-short pulse lasers, microchip lasers, and fiber lasers and amplifiers.  In addition, we offer a wide range of custom solid-state lasers and laser diode subsystems.


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