New App Note Methane Detection with TDLAS

After a small hiatus, we here at RPMC Lasers are excited to bring you a new application note.  This one titled “Lasers Sources for Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Detection (TDLAS) of Methane Gas” explores the importance of methane detection, the why TDLAS is an ideal method for screening, and what types of lasers should be used.   By taking a deep dive into the underlying physical principals behind TDLAS, we will demonstrate the importance of utilizing compact, cost-effective tunable single frequency diode lasers for these applications and that the discrete mode (DM) laser diodes from Eblana Photonics are ideal.  Eblana's DM laser technology platform delivers distributed feedback (DFB) laser like performance at a lower price point geared toward higher volume applications. 

Click below to read the full application note and be sure to check back for regular updates to our new application notes page. 

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