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Machine Vision

Last fall, RPMC took a look at the application of high power fiber-coupled diode lasers in machine vision systems for rail inspection in our blog titled “High Power Laser Line Generator for Rail Inspection.” Now in this application note, we are going to take a deeper dive into the subject by first reviewing the technology as a whole and then reviewing its use in rail inspection and roadway inspection.  We start by explaining the fundamental principles behind laser-based machine vision, and why line-shaped lasers are so popular.  We further go on to explore how automation is becoming more and more pervasive in facilitating the migration of machine vision and now it has rapidly been making its way into field-deployable technologies.  Click below to read the full application note and learn more about large area and field portable machine vision systems.  Also, be sure to check back for regular updates to our new application notes page

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Here at RPMC lasers, we offer a wide variety of high-power fiber coupled laser diodes systems from BWT Beijing.  BWT offers both volume Bragg grating stabilized and Fabry-Perot diodes, specializing in the development and manufacturing of high-performance diode laser components and subsystems.   As a leading supplier of fiber coupled diode lasers, BWT Beijing provides lasers in a wide range of wavelengths (blue through infrared) and output powers (milliwatts through kilowatts). Those capabilities, coupled with a team of skilled and experienced specialists in high power diode lasers packaging, beam shaping, and fiber coupling, make them an ideal choice for machine vision solutions.   For additional information, click here or talk to one of our laser experts today by calling 1-636-272-7227.


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