Looking for a User-Friendly 410-2300nm Tunable Laser for Spectroscopy?


    The Q-TUNE tunable DPSS laser from Quantum Light Instruments has everything you need to enhance and simplify your spectroscopy application. A user-friendly web interface, gives you the freedom to control the laser remotely from any computer or smart phone browser without having to download or install software. The advanced, microprocessor-controlled operation allows for automated self-optimization, self-calibration, and hands-free tuning at the click of a button. You don't have to be a laser expert to achieve great results.

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    The compact, all-in-one, turnkey design of the Q-TUNE requires little maintenance, with all laser electronics integrated into the housing. The seamless laser and Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) integration, combined with separate output ports, allows you to quickly and easily access and control both OPO and pump laser wavelengths. The breakthrough, water-free, air-cooled laser crystal pumping technology, eliminates the need for chillers and large power supplies. In fact, the only external module is the mains adapter that provides 12 or 28 VDC, 50 – 150 W power. Fewer maintenance requirements, no consumable components, and lower power consumption means a lower Cost of Ownership, less hassle, and less downtime. 

    The easy-to-use Q-TUNE laser provides hands-free tuning from 410nm to 2300nm, maintaining <6 cm-¹ linewidth. It produces < 5ns pulse widths, with up to 5mJ of pulse energy in the visible range, and truly variable pulse repetition rate, with no performance change from single-shot to 100Hz. Designed to last, the Q-TUNE has a guaranteed pump diode lifetime greater than 2 giga-shots. Upon request, optional extensions are available, like a second harmonic generator to increase the tuning range down to 210 nm with a <12 cm-¹ linewidth, fiber-coupled OPO laser output,  compact spectrometer for real-time monitoring of OPO wavelength and linewidth, and air purging for extended UV optic lifetime.

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    All of these features make the Q-TUNE tunable DPSS laser the perfect coherent light source to enhance and simplify your temporally resolved laser spectroscopy and non-linear spectroscopy applications. To get more technical information about the Q-TUNE tunable DPSS laser, Click Here!


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    Quantum Light Instruments, Ltd. specializes in EO Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state lasers optimized to operate at low pulse repetition rates with moderate pulse energies (up to 120 mJ and 200 Hz repetition rate). As a market-driven company, QLI listens to what their customers are saying and do their best to deliver solutions that meet and exceed expectations. No request is too small - they are happy to respond to all inquiries and will provide our best support for your needs.

    Quantum Light Instruments' key innovation is the water-free laser crystal cooling technology combined with laser diode end-pumping which resulted in a high energy, compact, single box, user-friendly turnkey laser that requires little to no maintenance. With over 50 years of combined experience in the development of sophisticated high energy DPSS Lasers non-linear wavelength conversion devices, QLI’s highly skilled staff are able to tailor solutions to meet your application needs.

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