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    Laser Fundamentals Short Course

    Here at RPMC Lasers, we understand the importance of continuing education and professional development.  Over the past few months, we have been making an effort to do our part to help you enhance your laser knowledge base, starting with the introduction of our Lasers 101 section and more recently with our blogs, application notes, and white papers.    To take our commitment to provide you with every opportunity to expand your lasers knowledge base to the next level, we are now offering a short course on October 23rd at the SCIX conference in Atlanta titled Laser Fundamentals for Spectroscopy. 

    This course, which will be presented by RPMC's Robert Chimenti, is designed to give attendees an introduction to the fundamentals of laser physics as well as a practical understanding of common laser designs and their applications in spectroscopy.   This course will begin by providing a fundamental understanding of the three basic components of a laser: gain medium, resonator, and excitation source.  You will learn how these components affect the laser characteristics that are important to spectroscopists, specifically, mode structure, spectral linewidth, pulse-width and average power.  Finally, attendees will be introduced to the pros and cons of common gas, solid-state, and diode laser designs as they apply to various spectroscopy applications.

    If you're going to be attending SCIX next month and would like to register for this short course, you can do so at the conference registration page or by clicking here.   

    In case you're attending SCIX, but unable to register for the short course, please feel free to stop by our booth #516 and a attend out "What's Hot" talk on Sunday.    


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