High Power Multimode Laser Diodes


    High Power Multimode Laser Diodes   

    RPMC offers the widest selection of single emitters in the industry.  Wavelengths from 405nm thru 1850nm with up to several watts output power. We also offer the widest selection of packages. Free Space packages:

    • c-mount,
    • chip on submount,
    • q-mount, 
    • b-mount,
    • 9mm,
    • TO-3,
    • HHL

    Fiber coupled packages:

    • 9mm,
    • Butterfly package
    • 2-pin package,
    • 8-pin HHL,
    • 10-pin HHL,

    See our new Lasers 101 page for in depth information on the attributes of Lasers.

    See all of the wavelengths we offer here. 


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