Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers from BKtel

    Established in 1997, BKtel is a world-leading supplier for 1.0um and 1.5um, pulsed and CW fiber lasers and amplifiers.  These products have found homes in a variety of applications such as LIDAR, range finding, 3D scanning and other applications where eye-safe wavelengths are required.  With nearly 20 years of R&D experience, the staff at Bktel has superior technical competence and provides best-in-class solutions to meet the most difficult customer-specific requirements.


    Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers from BKtel:

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    BKTel's Technology -

    BKtel's technology is based on 15 years of product development for data transmission via HFC and fiber.  All products are developed and manufactured in-house in our facilities in Hueckelhoven.  Their quality management ensures complete inspection of all production components and every single piece of equipment prior to shipment to the customer.


    About BKtel -

    BKtel develops active and passive equipment for FTTH, RF Video Overlay, RFoG and HFC broadband networks and related network management. The product portfolio includes a wide range of products starting from optical transmitters, optical amplifiers, optical receivers, optical return channel systems, and customer premises equipment up to DWDM technology for upstream and downstream applications. Their in-house manufacturing facilities guarantee a high-quality standard,  BKtel is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO9001.


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